Peterborough Fish & Game Association


Hello Everyone,
The Provincial government has gotten Step 3 of their roadmap-to-reopen the following applies to our club:

  1. The clubhouse is open, wear a mask while you're in there.
  2. The Indoor Range is open, capacity on the line is 4 people with 2m in between
    10 people with the walls that the archery section made, as long as the Range Officer approves
  3. You may bring guests, have them print their name in the book legibly
  4. Guests must also fill out guest forms legibly so that we have contact information for the CFO or the Health Unit if needed.
  5. Members or guests who have not signed in will be asked to leave.
  6. The outdoor ranges are open with limits depending on the size of the range.
    1. You can have as many people on the line as long as they stay 2m apart.
    2. Members of the same household don’t have to be socially distant
  7. Matches can be held as long as participants are not within 2m of each other.


  1. O. Reg. 82/20: RULES FOR AREAS IN STAGE 1
  2. O. Reg. 263/20: RULES FOR AREAS IN STEP 2
  3. O. Reg. 541/21: RULES FOR AREAS AT STEP 3
Roadmap to Reopen: Roadmap to Reopen